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About Our Acupuncture Specialist


Infertility ReflexologyDolores Smith is a registered acupuncturist, with qualifications from Ireland and China. She is also a registered Shiatsu physical therapist and holds a Diploma in Health, Fitness and Certificate in nutrition.

Through her health and fitness background she combines Acupuncture, nutrition and Shiatsu therapy within her treatments, specialising in the treatment of fertility and womens health. With a strong background in Health, fitness, and nutrition, Dolores began specialising in treatment methods for pain relief. In 2000 she qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner and in 2003 in Acupuncture. On completing her internship in one of the University hospitals in Nanjing China, she received a Licentiate from the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She teaches introductory Shiatsu and relaxation courses to manage stress at Hartstown Community School, Dublin and also works with corporate companies Yahoo and Ergo.

Dolores works with a passionate emphasis on the health, wellbeing and emotional aspect of each individual. She uses her experience in health and nutrition to enable couples achieve pregnancy.

About Our Reflexology Specialist

Irene Scarff

Irene has worked on RTE TelevisionIrene has been a member of Walmer College and Holistic Centre for the past 17 years. Walmer is Irelands leading natural centre for the past twenty years. Irene herself turned to complementary medicine after being left paralysed from the neck down after the birth of her first child. It took Irene two years to recover to full health but unfortunately she was to have further complications in relation to further pregnancies Irene went on to have eight miscarriages before having her son who is now eleven. Irene knows for certain that her successful pregnancy was as a result of continuous Reflexology, Acupuncture and Colonics.

Irene had her own very successful clinic at Walmer doing Reflexology and different types of massage. She decided to introduce colonics as she recognised her patients were suffering from various degree of digestive disorders. Irene trained at the Scottish school of Colon Hydrotherapy and received overall Distinctions in her exams. She then went on to do further extensive training at Greenways Complimentary Medical Centre in Sheffield England under the instruction Sister Shirley Jay Lambert.

Irene has been approached three times by R.T.E. over the years. The first time was when she was doing a pilot scheme for acupuncture with the National Maternity in Holles Street. Siobhan O’Leary from R.T.E. programme Health Check approached her to go on the show and talk about her on going treatments for endometriosis (a gynecological condition which increases your chances of infertility), and in Irene's case miscarriage. As part of the programme, Irene was shown having the treatment live on air and also discussing the effects of the treatment and how it had improved her condition. Irene also knows from not only her own personal experience, but also from her numerous patients that they have noticed a marked improvement in their condition. This is due in part to the fact that endometriosis can damage parts of the bowel and pull them out of shape, thus by having a Colonic treatment, it reduces the pressure on the bowel and automatically relieves any discomfort. Irene and her business partner Andrew Smith were again approached by R.T.E. when they expanded their practise and introduced Colonic Hydrotherapy. Karen Ward from Health Squad felt they were the most suitable Therapists due to their combined knowledge and years of experience to appear on this programme.

The third time Irene was approached by RTE to demonstrate the Harley Body Wrap treatment.

Andrew Smith

Carlton TVAndrew himself is not only a Colonic Therapist, but also the Physio Therapist to a number of U.K. Football Clubs including Notts County Football Club, under Sam Allardyce.

He also worked with Carlton Television Studios for 10 years in Nottingham and Birmingham looking after the Stars and staff of shows such as Gladiators, Star for a Night, Kiss me Kate.

Irene has worked on RTE TelevisionAs their practise is rapidly expanding they have relocated their premises to a purpose built clinic, which is ideally situated in Glasnevin, Dublin. The practise is located 20 minutes from their previous clinic, which was in Raheny, Dublin. This move was in part to minimise patient disruption and to maximise patient care, which is in keeping with the overall Holistic ethos of the Clinic


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