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Infertility Treatment FAQ

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian healing therapy which involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet that actually correspond to the organs of the body. The purpose of this is to clear any blockages and enable the body to return to optimum health.

What happens during a reflexology session?

At the start of each session you will be asked how you have been and we may discuss any issues which you may feel are relevant. The client is then placed lying down on the plinth (the bed), with supports under their knees and ankles to make them more comfortable. They are then covered with a quilt and a warm towel is placed over their feet. Each foot is then cleaned and freshened up with foot lotion and wipes. The therapist then checks each foot and look and colour and texture of the feet noting any changes.

This is followed by a very relaxing foot massage on each foot, and then the treatment begins.

Pressure is applied to all areas of the feet, to stimulate the meridians and bring about balance and help clear any blockages. Most clients drift into a very relaxed state within minutes, and report how well they feel in themselves after the session…

What is infertility reflexology?

Infertility reflexology differs from conventional reflexology in so far as it targets the Endocrine System more directly. This is the hormonal system of the body that is responsible for reproduction. Due to the fact that we work extra into the endocrine system to balance hormones the treatment enables neurochemical changes to occur to reduce stress hormones that are known to be damaging to maturation and release of eggs.

At the first half of a women’s menstrual cycle various points receive more pressure and work to increase her chances of conceiving. Post ovulation the attention is focused on helping her to maintain a pregnancy should it have occurred, thus by working on points that deal with securing good endometrial lining and balancing the hormones to help them do their job.

Many women present to our clinic with varying levels of fertility issues ranging from very long cycles, constant breakthrough bleeding, very painful periods, endometriosis, p.c.o.s. etc. and we are delighted to have been able to help them.

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