Our Range of Treatments Include:

Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is a specialist treatment for the colon. All the water in our colonics is ionised to increase oxygen content, thus enabling the speedy eradication of bacteria and parasites.

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Infertility Treatments

We have found by combining the acupuncture & fertility reflexology alongside the cranial sacral therapy and pelvic alignment that we have achieved a greater success rate in viable pregnancies.

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Pregnancy Massage

A specialised pregnancy massage is designed to ease the tension and aches that occur during pregnancy.

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Blood Tests – Instant Results

Microscopy offers a brief window into our inner world. Many strange phenomena occur within this internal ocean. It is an excellent Primary Screening / Bio- Feedback / Visual Education Tool.

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Every organ of the body is reflected in the feet and hands. By working these reflexes points it is possible to promote greater health and well-being.

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ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia

Using the “Perrin Technique” we are able to effectively and successfully treat these debilitating illnesses. The Willows Clinic are a licensed therapist in Ireland and we have helped many clients achieve amazing results.

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We’re Here To Make Your Life Better

We offer a wide range of procedures to treat whatever life throws at you. From general health & wellbeing to speclialised treatments for infertility, debilitating illnesses, with our highly qualified therapists you are in safe hands.

We boast a range of advanced qualifications and accreditations which enables us to offer some of the most effective and successful treatments in Ireland.

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