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Traditional Chinese Medicin Cupping Therapy is a therapy that is very widely used around the world. Records show it was used in Egypt from 1550 BC & China from 3000 years ago. Hieroglyphics from Ancient Egyptian time show that they used cupping therapy to treat many illnesses. Like Feaver, vertigo Menstrual imbalances and painful boils and to move blood and toxin from the body like snake bites.
Originally known as Horn therapy because the early cups were made from hollowed-out horns. In China, they used bamboo cups. These bamboo cups in the main are now replaced with glass cups. It is possible to buy plastic cupping sets today.


Hippocrates (known as the founder of modern medicine). Utilized cupping as a remedy for almost all disease and to restore the spine to correct alignment. In the 18th century, American and European doctors treated cold s and chest infections with cupping.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Popularity.

Cupping lost its popularity when doctors decided it was better to treat from inside the body than outside. In China, cupping remained a popular method of treatment. They perfected methods of cupping to divert the blood supply from surgery sites in the 1950s. Lots of research in China has confirmed and proved the efficiency of cupping and it remains a staple treatment in their hospitals.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy made a resurgence in the western world in 2004. As celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, and Gwyneth Paltrow appeared in public with cupping marks. These marks are not bruises as widely thought as no trauma is caused by the cups. These are areas of tissue where toxin has been lifted to the surface of the skin. This permits healthy circulation to be restored below the area and the toxin is allowed to be freely removed naturally by the lymphatic system. Cupping is also widely used by athletes from all sports to help with performance and healing injuries.

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy.

Cupping has the ability to loosen tight muscles, increase lymphatic flow through the body, encourage blood flow, also Qi (energy) flow and nerve flow. Therefore it may be used to treat:
Fatigue /CFS/ME (releases toxin & increase lymph flow increased Qi life force by clearing the meridians)
Trapped nerves, sciatica (frees joints, and constricted tissue). Stiff sore muscles, Frozen Shoulder, knee injuries, spinal injuries, hip injuries, and Sciatica (expand blood vessels, remove congestion, release tight muscles).
Colds and flu (increased lymph flow, removes toxin through the skin).
Fibromyalgia (eases aches and pains, realigned tissue, helps synovial fluid at Joints, works on the sympathetic, Parasympathetic, and spinal nerves).
Digestive issues (stimulating the digestive organs and increases peristalsis and the secretion of digestive fluids).
Skin complaints (cellulite, Lymphatics, scar tissue, and toning and firming the skin).

Willows Clinic Cupping Treatment.

Here at the Willows Clinic Dublin, we tailor our Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy treatments to the client’s physical requirements. Following a full consultation, which includes tongue diagnosis and physical examination. We treat clients using Weak, Medium, Strong, Moving, and flash Cupping methods. With the length of the session depending on the client’s needs. All of our cupping treatments are done with high-quality Glass cups.

The cost per session for Cupping therapy is € 60.00.

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