Relax and rejuvenate

This massage is carried out with the client lying on their back on a hot water mattress. The therapist works between the client and the mattress. This treatment is ideal for clients who can’t lie on their front and is particularly useful for pregnant women who can be treated to full term.

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Hydrotherm Massage (full body): €70.00

Hydrotherm Massage (back, neck & shoulders): €60.00

Hydrotherm massage (pregnancy): €80.00

If you would like to book a hydrotherm massage, please call us on 01-4851100 or fill in our booking form.

More Information About Hydrotherm Massage

This massage is especially useful for older people or people with restricted movement and pregnant women.

This form of treatment is now being used with patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the world-renowned spinal unit.

Andrew is the only Hydrotherm trained in-house trainer in Ireland – also holding advanced qualifications and specialist pregnancy massage.

By appointment it is possible to have a Hydrotherm experience treatment using Ayurvedic oils especially made in India for use by trained Hydrotherm therapists.

Andrew demonstrated this form of massage on RTE’s health squad.

A Deeper, More Holistic Massage Technique

Imagine you are floating on a bed of warm water. You are about to experience a complete body massage but you aren’t going to turn over even once! Lying on two warm water cushions, kept at a pleasurable 37 degrees, you remain face up throughout the entire treatment. Your whole body is supported in perfect spinal alignment. The usual disruption of turning over halfway through your treatment is avoided. The sensation of floating and the feeling of warmth envelops you.

Whatever type of treatment you are about to experience – a full body or back massage, a beauty treatment or facial, or a remedial or physiotherapy treatment – you will be more comfortable and relaxed than with any conventional type of treatment.

The relaxing warmth of the Hydrotherm massage promotes an immediate sensation of well being, enhancing the therapeutic effect of the massage. The gentle heat of the water helps to soothe painful areas allowing the Therapist to work more deeply with less discomfort for the client.

Through water displacement rather than through physically lifting the client, Hydrotherm permits the therapist to work using the client’s body weight as the source of pressure, facilitating a deeper, more holistic massage technique.