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Microscopy offers a brief window into our inner world.
Many strange phenomena occur within this internal ocean.
It is an excellent Primary Screening / Bio- Feedback / Visual Education Tool.

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The first session: €80.00

Subsequent session 6 to 8 weeks apart:  €50.00

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More Details About Blood Tests – Instant Results

Based upon your live and dry blood observations your practitioner can recommend specific protocols to cleanse and rejuvenate your blood by altering the underlying biological terrain. This may include herbs and natural supplements and detoxification protocols as well as simple lifestyle and dietary suggestions.

Live Blood Microscopy

This is carried out by a certified practitioner, single drop of blood is taken from your finger, and placed under a high powered electron microscope. In a matter of seconds you can see your cells live on a TV screen. This gives us the ability to see many things about your health.

Dry Blood Microscopy

6 to 8 small dots of blood are taken from a single drop of blood, which has been allowed to dry on your finger. This gives the practitioner a picture of the different layers within the blood to compare to the live blood findings.