Channelling divine energy

Reiki is an ancient method of channelling divine energy via the practitioner to the client. It is a gentle way to heal and remove blockages, promoting good health.

 Reiki Information.

Reiki is a Japanese word which translates as Universal Life Energy, meaning an energy which is everywhere.

Natural Healing

Reiki originated in Japan over a hundred years ago and was first practised by Dr Mikao Usui. It is a system of natural healing.

Dr Usui developed the system throughout his life and today Reiki continues to be taught by Reiki Masters who have trained in the tradition passed down from Master to student.

Reiki is not attached to any religious backgrounds so anyone can receive or learn to give a Reiki treatment, all that is required is the desire to be healed.

About The Treatment

Firstly, the client lies on a couch and relaxes. If they are unable to lie down, Reiki can also be given in a sitting position, the most important thing is that the client is relaxed and comfortable. Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts so there is no need to remove any clothing. Unlike many other treatments, the whole body is treated rather than specific symptoms. The practitioner gently places their hands in a sequence of positions which are often held for several minutes at a time.

How can Reiki help you?

Reiki is a full body experience and as such it is possible to heal physical, mental, emotional or spiritual states. With Reiki, acute injuries can be helped to heal very quickly but more chronic illness can take longer. In some extreme cases of illness such as terminal illness, there is not enough time for the progress of the disease to be reversed but Reiki can still help. It can enhance the quality of the time remaining by giving a sense of inner peace and acceptance.

Reiki requires no special equipment and therefore the quality of the tratment lies solely with the practitioner. Basically the practitioner is a channel which the energy is drawn through by the need of the client. This channeled energy flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Balance is restored to your life with Reiki.

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