Achieving a Greater Success Rate

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We have found by combining the fertility acupuncture & fertility reflexology that we have achieved a greater success rate in viable pregnancies.

Many of our clients are women who have undergone unsuccessful IVF cycles but after a course of treatment with us, they have tried IVF again and were more successful.

We also treat women who do not require or wish to do IVF. Women come to us with various conditions, ranging from PCCS, Endometriosis, failure to ovulate, recurring miscarriages to name but a few.

It is the practise of this clinic to treat each client holistically.

Why Choose the Willows Clinic.

We are one of the oldest and most established clinics in Dublin and our therapists have appeared on national TV several times as well the national newspapers. Our staff are among the most highly qualified in the country.

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Specialised Fertility Package:

Initial consultation to include:

  • Full medical history taken
  • Tongue & pulse
  • Full herbal & supplement recommendations
  • Treatment plan drawn up

Treatment plan to include:

  • 12 acupuncture sessions (1 per week)
  • 12 reflexology sessions (1 per week)
  • We work with Clune Road Medical Practice if you need blood tests but have no access. (This is not part of the package).

Special Offer

We have devised a complete package that has achieved some excellent results. Usually, all the treatments take place over a 3 month period.

The total cost of the package is €995.

Also we offer option of paying €495 initially and the remaining €485 halfway through the package.

What It Includes:

  • Acupuncture 12 sessions (usually €50 per session) = €600
  • Fertility reflexology 12 sessions (usually €50 per session) = €600

Total cost if paid separately €1275  – you pay €995

Acupuncture & fertility reflexology covered by VHi, Laya, AVIC and Medial Aid.

Our treatments have helped many couples conceive successfully where other treatments have failed.

To Book an Initial Consultation call 01-8569632 today.

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If you would like to book an infertility reflexology treatment, please call us on 01-8569632 or fill in our booking form here.

For further information, please see our reflexology FAQ.

    The Willows clinic was recommended to me as a place which could help me with fertility issues. I had been trying for several months and had visited my own G.P. with my concerns but most doctors will not entertain you with fertility matters until at least a year of trying.

    After visiting the clinic and thanks to the years of experience with Irene & co, she suggested I was a classic case of someone with low thyroid and she was right! This was only the first step in getting my body ready for a baby.

    Her own intuitions were always right. Irene always says in clinic they are a complimentary practice to your main medical care, and will always encourage you to consult another practitioner if they know its going to help you get to your goal. I always thoroughly enjoyed the reflexology visits they were mainly relaxing but when necessary had to be more tough too. The Acupuncture is done in unison with the reflexology by Lisa, and was so relaxing.

    Lisa after her time studying in China and always explains really well what she does during each session and why. Acupuncture is  great for women suffering with morning sickness.

    Thanks so much Irene, Lisa and Andrew.

    Shauna O'Dwyer

    Hi Irene,

    Hope you are well.

    Its taken a while to getting around to writing this note of thanks as my little Mossie likes his mommy’s attention! If you wish to put this on your website I am more then happy for you to do that.

    When I came to you I was in a bad place having gone through numerous forms of fertility treatment to no avail. You made me feel so comfortable from our first meeting and dispelled the notion that I was losing my mind! One of the first things you said was that you would treat me for a specific amount of time, this I found refreshing. Many of the previous treatments I had tried just seemed endless with little feedback other then ‘see you next week’. My experience at Willows was completely different as you gave me very specific feedback and what I needed to do to help myself. I also recall you speaking about my baby that would come, this simple statement made me really believe that this could happen yet for me. Within such a short time I found myself pregnant and in that group that I so envied, the group of people that gave up on fertility treatment and got pregnant. I now have a little 8 week old boy and life could not be better. So, Irene go raibh mile mile maith agat for your help in getting me here. I am forever in your debt. Look forward to seeing you soon for some further treatments.

    Le grá,
    Paula xxx

    Paula Galvin

    “It is January 2010 & not only is it a new year but a new life beginning, as my husband & I are expecting our first child later this year.  This may not sound that unusual but to us it is a miracle, particularly since we were on the verge of beginning IVF treatment this year! Our journey began in Dec 2007, when after trying to conceive for 6 months, the GP told us to go home and relax! A year later I found out I had endometriosis so while my husband could populate the world; he had no chance with me! While enduring a lap & dye,10 months of injections to induce an early menopause & then clomid to kickstart my ovaries  again, I discovered the benefit of Infertility Reflexology by Irene Scarff.  Irene is a remarkably caring, professional woman. She had a wealth of experience & knowledge.  At times, I was very low & it only took an hour with her to get both my body & mind back working together.  As she says herself “You are at your granny’s” so I always felt it was a safe environment.  Her therapy worked particularly on my endocrine system (I never even knew what that was from the doctor!) so she helped my menstrual cycle to return to a consistent ovulation pattern regardless of all the drugs in my system.  My moods were affected by the drugs so the sessions altered that state as well.  By October 09, clomid hadn’t worked so we embarked on the initial IVF bloodtests.  It was at this point that I asked Andrew if he could help me unblock any energy points in my system.  He began a meditation session after each reflexology session.  I can honestly say that this was a turning point for me.  Up to then we had worked on the physical aspect of my problem; Andrew succeeded after several sessions in empowering me to work on my mental healing at home.  Amazingly, I discovered I was pregnant soon after the last session with him. We have had scans & everything is exactly how it should be with all day sickness to beat all morning sickness! Coincidence? Absolutely not! I had a whole new attitude to the whole “trying to conceive” issue. For me, it was no longer “if” but “when”.  Irene & Andrew gave us that. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

    Brigid & Andrew Hannon

    I first started to go to Irene for colonics about 4 years ago. I had been suffering with IBS for a number of years and had discovered that I had a number of food intolerances but even though I was avoiding these foods my energy levels were very low and I felt bloated all of the time.

    Irene put me at ease as soon as I walked through the door. Each session begins with a little chat to figure out how you are feeling emotionally before beginning to treat you physically.

    The treatments have been of great benefit to me over the years. It reduced the bloating instantly and my energy levels improved greatly. My complexion became clearer and I began to have a better nights sleep. I didn’t wake up feeling exhausted.

    Irene gives great advice on foods to avoid that would not show up on an intolerance test and her professional, caring approach makes the treatments very relaxing and stress free.

    Less than 18 months ago I started a course of fertility reflexology with Irene. My periods were very light and irregular, with very long cycles and as myself and my husband were planning a family I thought I’d give it a go. I went to Irene once a week and after a few months my cycles became shorter (from 45 days to 34 days) for the first time ever!!! Within 9 months I became pregnant and I’m now 8 months pregnant. I had no morning sickness and the pregnancy has been trouble free. I believe it’s due to the fact that my body had been well prepared for the pregnancy.

    Not only did the reflexology help in the area of fertility but it also relieved stress, promoted better sleep, identified health issues before they surfaced and also helped relieve back pain.

    I have had massage sessions with Andrew for back pain. The difference between going for other massages and going to Andrew is that he concentrates on the areas that need attention. It is not a routine massage and you feel that he has worked on the problem areas.

    Both Irene and Andrew offer a friendly, relaxed and very professional service that treats mind, body and spirit. You can be guaranteed you will leave the clinic feeling better both physically and mentally. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me over the years.

    Karen Troy

    “We had been trying to conceive for over 4 years when I first went to see Irene.  She was recommended to me by a friend and from the word go I felt relaxed and comfortable with her.  Her knowledge of relexology and the body in general is amazing.  I looked forward to every session with her, not only for the reflexology but each week it was like therapy too.  I felt I could confide in Irene about anything that was going on and she helped both myself and my husband through the emotional side of our fertility problems as well as the reflexology.  I was quite apprehensive about going for reflexology as I am not keen on people touching my feet but I enjoyed every session and found it very relaxing (in fact numerous times I fell asleep I was so relaxed!!).  I can’t recommend Irene and the Willows Clinic enough”.

    Lisa Freeman

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Willows Clinic for guiding me through the most important time of my life.  The constant knowledge and expertise shown have supported my confidence through a very challenging period of my life and I always understood from the initial meeting how important my treatment was going to be. I have always been made feel respected, and the homely down to earth feel when you arrive at the door makes you feel part of the “family”.

    My initial fertility reflexology treatment began with Irene, and I eventually progressed onto the combined services, reflexology and acupuncture, with both Irene & Lisa.  I cannot say enough about these ladies, they have been my landlocked angels and of course dear Andrew, therapist supreme, has come on board throughout the latter stages of my pregnancy, to keep my body together and in place!

    I firmly believe that if it were not for the treatment I have received and continue to receive at the Willows Clinic over the past 2/3 years, the advice and genuine care I have been given, that I would not now be so lucky as to experience my first viable pregnancy.

    Thank you all for the dedication, care and friendship.  We 3 are eternally grateful.


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    Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian healing therapy which involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet that actually correspond to the organs of the body. The purpose of this is to clear any blockages and enable the body to return to optimum health.

    At the start of each session you will be asked how you have been and we may discuss any issues which you may feel are relevant. The client is then placed lying down on the plinth (the bed), with supports under their knees and ankles to make them more comfortable. They are then covered with a quilt and a warm towel is placed over their feet. Each foot is then cleaned and freshened up with foot lotion and wipes. The therapist then checks each foot and look and colour and texture of the feet noting any changes.

    This is followed by a very relaxing foot massage on each foot, and then the treatment begins.

    Pressure is applied to all areas of the feet, to stimulate the meridians and bring about balance and help clear any blockages. Most clients drift into a very relaxed state within minutes, and report how well they feel in themselves after the session…

    Infertility reflexology differs from conventional reflexology in so far as it targets the Endocrine System more directly. This is the hormonal system of the body that is responsible for reproduction. Due to the fact that we work extra into the endocrine system to balance hormones the treatment enables neurochemical changes to occur to reduce stress hormones that are known to be damaging to maturation and release of eggs.

    At the first half of a women’s menstrual cycle various points receive more pressure and work to increase her chances of conceiving. Post ovulation the attention is focused on helping her to maintain a pregnancy should it have occurred, thus by working on points that deal with securing good endometrial lining and balancing the hormones to help them do their job.

    Many women present to our clinic with varying levels of fertility issues ranging from very long cycles, constant breakthrough bleeding, very painful periods, endometriosis, p.c.o.s. etc. and we are delighted to have been able to help them.

    About Our Acupuncture Specialist

    Infertility Reflexology

    Dolores Smith LIC.AC.DIP.AC.REG.AC R.P.S.S.I. DIP.ITEC

    Dolores Smith is a registered acupuncturist, with qualifications from Ireland and China. She is also a registered Shiatsu physical therapist and holds a Diploma in Health, Fitness and Certificate in nutrition.

    Through her health and fitness background she combines Acupuncture, nutrition and Shiatsu therapy within her treatments, specialising in the treatment of fertility and womens health. With a strong background in Health, fitness, and nutrition, Dolores began specialising in treatment methods for pain relief. In 2000 she qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner and in 2003 in Acupuncture. On completing her internship in one of the University hospitals in Nanjing China, she received a Licentiate from the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She teaches introductory Shiatsu and relaxation courses to manage stress at Hartstown Community School, Dublin and also works with corporate companies Yahoo and Ergo.

    Dolores works with a passionate emphasis on the health, wellbeing and emotional aspect of each individual. She uses her experience in health and nutrition to enable couples achieve pregnancy.

    About Our Reflexology Specialist

    Irene Scarff

    Irene has worked on RTE TelevisionIrene has been a member of Walmer College and Holistic Centre for the past 17 years. Walmer is Irelands leading natural centre for the past twenty years. Irene herself turned to complementary medicine after being left paralysed from the neck down after the birth of her first child. It took Irene two years to recover to full health but unfortunately she was to have further complications in relation to further pregnancies Irene went on to have eight miscarriages before having her son who is now eleven. Irene knows for certain that her successful pregnancy was as a result of continuous Reflexology, Acupuncture and Colonics.

    Irene had her own very successful clinic at Walmer doing Reflexology and different types of massage. She decided to introduce colonics as she recognised her patients were suffering from various degree of digestive disorders. Irene trained at the Scottish school of Colon Hydrotherapy and received overall Distinctions in her exams. She then went on to do further extensive training at Greenways Complimentary Medical Centre in Sheffield England under the instruction Sister Shirley Jay Lambert.

    Irene has been approached three times by R.T.E. over the years. The first time was when she was doing a pilot scheme for acupuncture with the National Maternity in Holles Street. Siobhan O’Leary from R.T.E. programme Health Check approached her to go on the show and talk about her on going treatments for endometriosis (a gynecological condition which increases your chances of infertility), and in Irene’s case miscarriage. As part of the programme, Irene was shown having the treatment live on air and also discussing the effects of the treatment and how it had improved her condition. Irene also knows from not only her own personal experience, but also from her numerous patients that they have noticed a marked improvement in their condition. This is due in part to the fact that endometriosis can damage parts of the bowel and pull them out of shape, thus by having a Colonic treatment, it reduces the pressure on the bowel and automatically relieves any discomfort. Irene and her business partner Andrew Smith were again approached by R.T.E. when they expanded their practise and introduced Colonic Hydrotherapy. Karen Ward from Health Squad felt they were the most suitable Therapists due to their combined knowledge and years of experience to appear on this programme.

    The third time Irene was approached by RTE to demonstrate the Harley Body Wrap treatment.

    Andrew Smith

    Carlton TVAndrew himself is not only a Colonic Therapist, but also the Physio Therapist to a number of U.K. Football Clubs including Notts County Football Club, under Sam Allardyce.

    He also worked with Carlton Television Studios for 10 years in Nottingham and Birmingham looking after the Stars and staff of shows such as Gladiators, Star for a Night, Kiss me Kate.

    As their practise is rapidly expanding they have relocated their premises to a purpose built clinic, which is ideally situated in Glasnevin, Dublin. The practise is located 20 minutes from their previous clinic, which was in Raheny, Dublin. This move was in part to minimise patient disruption and to maximise patient care, which is in keeping with the overall Holistic ethos of the Clinic