During the second trimester of Pregnancy is the time where women are starting to get used to being pregnant. Because, one feels better because they understand how to relieve such things as back pain and the excitement and fear that comes with the first trimester. In most cases the nausea tapers off and the baby is noticeable without being overbearing. But there are other things to expect during the second trimester of pregnancy. Below are some things to watch out for during the second trimester.

Changes in the skin

Blood is moving at a quicker pace during a pregnancy through the body. Therefore some of the skin areas may appear darker, especially in the face, navel, or nipples. These darkened areas could also increase in sensitivity, which is why sunscreen may be needed even out of direct sun light. Stretch marks may also appear on the stomach, breasts, thighs, buttocks and other areas. This is because the woman is rapidly gaining weight. Thankfully, by moisturizing the area with cocoa butter or even olive oil will help with these stretch marks as well as with any itchiness’ or dryness of the skin.

Women’s Belly and Breasts Change

The second trimester is when a woman’s body really begins to grow and change shape. It can be difficult to hide pregnancy at this stage. The estrogens and progesterone in the body will make the breasts more engorged because milk production (lactation) is beginning. Additionally, there may be some tenderness, which is why it is very important that a supportive bra is worn. The uterus grows much larger and heavier during the second trimester so that there is room for the baby and placenta. A woman can usually expect to gain between three and four pounds a month from this point until the end of the pregnancy.

Breath Shortness

During pregnancy, a woman is usually carrying more weight and having to deal with intense hormone changes, and other things. The lungs have to work harder than before so that more oxygen is given to the placenta and to the baby. Which means it is common to experience shortness of breath.

Vaginal Discharge

It is common to experience some discharge throughout the second trimester. This discharge will be thin and white. It is produced by the body to prevent any harmful bacteria from growing. To protect against damage to clothing many women use panty-liners. But, if the discharge becomes green or if it is accompanied by itchiness or pain, the woman should contact a doctor. These are all signs of an infection.

Contractions (Braxton Hicks)

Contractions happen because the uterus is trying to prepare itself for birth. Therefore some contractions take place to help build the uterus’s strength. These warm up pains are weak, irregular, and are called Braxton Hicks contractions. If these pains are regular or intense, a doctor should be called as it could be a sign of a miscarriage or a premature labour.

The second trimester is an exciting time because a woman can truly see her body start to shift and change. This is when a woman may really feel the baby inside of her. The changes can be exciting for both the mother to be and those around her.

So enjoy!!