The 3rd trimester is the last part of a long road that is pregnancy. Here, the baby bump is very noticeable and the due date draws nearer and nearer. This is the time when mum to be will feel prepared to deliver her baby and will feel the child growing within her. This is a physically and psychologically demanding time for the woman. The infant’s position can make it difficult to feel comfy, and mam can feel stressed out especially if she passes the due date without any signs of contractions.

The following are some things to anticipate when in the 3rd trimester.

Pain in the back

Neck and back pain can prevail for the 3rd trimester. This is because the infant is continuously moving and due to the fact that she or he is growing and putting on weight. Also as the breast’s become heavier they put more stress on the back. In addition, the mum’s body will produce hormonal changes, which loosen the ligaments of the joints of the bones in the pelvic location so that the pelvis has the ability to open to deliver the baby. This makes it more difficult for the muscles of the hips and on the back which are already overworked and are now trying to do the job of the ligaments to keep the joints in place. It should also be noted as the brain will not distinguish between which ligaments should become more elastic to facilitate the birth. All the bodies ligaments may slacken, leaving mum’s to be open to ankle, knee, wrist and shoulder strains. This is why it is essential to rest as much as possible, to get regular pregnancy massages, and to use shoes that have arch assistance. No High heals.

Heartburn / Indegestion.

It is expected that mums to be will experience heartburn throughout the 3rd trimester. This takes place due to the fact that the growing uterus presses the stomach and moves it up from its usual position. Heartburn occurs because of the displaced stomach acid. To correct this, it is advisable to consume little meals regularly and attempt to consume  8 glasses of water a day, this is pretty difficult as the baby is probably also putting pressure on the bladder. Fried foods and anything carbonated ought to be avoided as much as possible to help reduce the pregnancy-induced heartburn.

Piles and Varicose Veins

During pregnancy, the capillaries will experience increased pressure. Therefore, reddish areas or lines might appear on the skin commonly known as broken veins. The stress that takes place in the anus due to the pressure of the baby and in some cases increased constipation causes varicose veins in the anus is called a pile. The veins may cause problems or soreness in the legs, this can be alleviated by raising the legs as much as possible and purchase support stockings. Preventing irregularity of bowel movements by consuming more fiber and fluids will help reduce the probability and intensity of piles.


The infant is constantly growing and moving during pregnancy. This can lead to pressure on the mum’s bladder, which in turn can make the woman feel as if she has to urinate more. This irregular urination might occur more in the evening and can trigger some leakage when the mom chuckles, coughs, or sneezes. Panty liners should be enough to handle this. If there is any discomfort or burning together with urination, then it may be a urinary infection. This must be dealt with as soon as possible or kidney damage might take place.


The 3rd trimester is an exciting time during pregnancy. This is when most mums are just ready for it to be over. As the third trimester comes to a close all the signs of pregnancy are more noticeable and baby becomes ready to be born. This can be both an interesting and stressful time for any mother-to-be.


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